Tongue and Lip Ties

Early tongue and lip tie screenings by your chiropractor

Tongue-tie= Ankyloglossia

Parents who are concerned with breastfeeding difficulties, colic, acid reflux and other symptoms their little one may be suffering from may begin to wonder if symptoms are more likely to be associated to tongue ties or lip ties but cannot find a pediatrician or specialist in their area. These parents should definitely consider their family chiropractor.

Pediatric Certified Chiropractors specialize in pediatric health screenings and can often times be the first specialist that may diagnose a tongue and or lip tie. Treatment can depend on the symptoms and the parents. If revisions are made Chiropractors are specialist in body spinal and musculature biomechanics. Cranio- Sacral Techniques are very frequently used for pediatric chiropractic treatments and can be a very effective type of Body Work after a revision.